framework url description
react.js react-i18next Higher order component and append i18next to context.
angular.js ng-i18next Angular1/2 provider, directive and filter
angular.js ng2-i18next Angular2 service and directive
angular.js angular-i18next Angular 2.0+ integration (service, pipes, events)
vue.js vue-i18next Vue plugin for integrating i18next
vue.js vue-i18next Vue plugin for integrating i18next
vue.js vue-i18next2 Vue plugin for integrating i18next
inferno.js inferno-i18next inferno-i18next is a translation utility for Inferno components
elm elm-i18next use i18next in elm
express.js nodejs express middleware Middleware to use i18next in express.js (nodejs).
koa.js koa-i18next A middleware to use i18next in koajs.
koa.js koa-i18next-middleware An i18next middleware for Koa framework. Use with koa-i18next-middleware
hapi.js hapi-i18next i18next integration for hapijs
jquery.js jquery plugin Plugin to use i18next on jquery selectors.
html5 loc-i18next Plugin to use same API as jquery-i18next but with html5 selectors
aurelia.js aurelia-i18next An Aurelia-Wrapper for the i18next library
meteor.js i18next-meteor i18next repackaged for Meteor
polymer i18next-element Polymer friendly interface to i18next
ember.js ember-i18next Integrates i18next into Ember CLI apps.
ember.js ember-cli-i18next Ember CLI addon to wrap i18next
knockout.js i18next-ko KnockoutJS bindings for i18next
phaser phaser-i18next Phaser plugin for translations using i18next
metalsmith metalsmith-i18next Metalsmith plugin for i18next to easily create multiple localised branches of your site.
django django-i18next Additions to Django’s i18n module.
.net (NEW) i18next-net .NET C# class for i18next functionality
php i18next-php PHP class for basic i18next functionality. fork of
rails i18next-rails An asset gem containing bundled i18next javascripts
rails rails-asset-localization asset pipeline localization using i18next for rails 3.2 & 4
ios i18next-ios i18next for iOS
android i18next-android i18next for android
webcomponent kwc-i18next Web component interfacing i18next
marko.js marko-i18next Components to use i18next in Marko templates.
virtualdom i18nextify one liner script to enable i18next one any site

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