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Is i18n enough?

We believe not. The closer the release date of your product gets the more obvious it gets, that instrumenting your code for localization is not enough.

There are more points to address:

  • How does the translation process work?

  • How do the source files get to the translators and back?

  • How do you keep track which parts are already translated and which parts are not - and additional are all target languages fully translated?

  • How do you deploy new languages after release?

  • How do you handle versioning?

  • How do you update / fix typos in translations after deployment?

Translation Management Systems are a great help. But most tools out there are built for one-time translation of your documents. Not for continuously translating your application. So there is still a gap between the development and the translation process.

So is there a smart localization management platform? An i18n(ext) platform?


Locize is a localization as a service platform made by i18next. The close integration of i18next brings a lot of additional value and asserts you an additional level of support and saves you endless time spent on localization.

Locize brings you:

  • A beautiful editor to edit your translations

  • Enables a continuous localization process

  • An in-context editor to edit on your own website

  • Progress reporting

  • Usage reporting

  • Plural conversion between languages

  • Support for versions

  • Gets your missing keys passed directly to the project

  • Hosts translation on its CDN and allows for automatic or manual publishing (You still have the option to host translations yourself)

Check out how it works =>

Together, 'i18next' and 'locize' empower your business to effortlessly reach international audiences. They help you speak the language of your customers, making your business more accessible, relatable, and successful in global markets.

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