i18next is awesome. How can i support the project?

There are a lot of ways to support us. Make a PR for a feature requested. Improve the documentation. Help others to get started. Spread the word.

Further you could try locize.com - our localization as a service offering. It's like donating to i18next but with additional benefits for you - like saving hours of time translating your project.

Loading issues

I don't see my translations!!!

Try setting debug: true on init and check the console log. There rather sure is a warning for unable to resolve the loadPath or invalid json. Check if the translation files are accessible via browser.


How do i know which plural suffix i have to use?

On the plural page there is a tool to get them.


How do i keep overview over my translation progress?

Might be time to use a translation management tool.

How to handle with changes in e2e tests?

For e2e tests a good tactic is to set language to cimode on init. This will set i18next to always return the key on calling i18next.t. Want to add the namespace to returned value change appendNamespaceToCIMode: true on init.